Islam : an Empirical Crisis for the West

and a new, Rational Doctrine for Neutralizing that Threat.

A New “Monroe Doctrine’ for Countering Islamic Terrorism

In my prior post, The Theological Nature of Islam, I described the rationale and conclusions I’ve reached regarding ‘radical’ Islam. Those conclusions implied a solution to the West’s empirical crisis with Islamic terrorism.

My conclusion is that Islamic radicalism, in all its forms and personages, from the Palestinians to the Iranians, whether Hamas or Hezbollah are a symptom, not a cause and that the cause is Islam itself.

I do not however propose that the West make ‘conventional war’ upon 1.5 billion Muslims. Instead I propose to convincingly threaten to make war upon Islam’s holiest shrines, to make the survival of Islam’s holy shrines, of unique and inestimable importance to Muslims, hostage to ALL Muslim’s future ‘good’ behavior, bringing the consequence of an unthinkable price to pay for any future aggression and terrorism. I contend that deterrence is possible, if properly constructed.

It is my contention that by doing so, Islam’s fanatics will finally face a consequence and thus a deterrence, that they are not prepared to accept. And in their unwillingness to accept that consequence, it will also allow for the time needed for Islam to slowly self-destruct, as it must because I contend that Islam cannot survive another century of cultural exposure to the modern world. The modern world’s culture represents, to Islam, a mortal threat and, that is what has given rise to the resurgence of Islamic jihadism against the West.

It is also my contention that our current course will eventually and inevitably result in nuclear terrorist attack(s) upon cities in the West and, that will finally force the West to confront the reality of the threat that Islam presents to the West.

It is time for the politically correct fantasies to be put aside and for reality to be faced, for otherwise a ‘nuclear terrorist reality’ will sooner or later be imposed upon both the West and the US.

But of course, the left will not allow the politically correct fantasies to be put aside until reality becomes undeniable. Just that reason alone is sufficient to declare that the left is of far greater threat to the West than Islam because they are blocking the implementation of effective defensive strategies. It is the left’s premises and the beliefs that extend from those premises, that is preventing the West from responding effectively and appropriately to Islam’s aggression.

It is my contention that there is only one effective deterrent strategy against Islam because there is only one thing that ‘radical’ jihadist Muslims cherish above their hate for the West.

That strategy starts with recognition that the West is under ideological and physical assault from Islam, that ‘rogue’ nations and terrorist organizations are merely Islam’s agents in its war with the West. This is because the Qur’an, Islam’s holiest of holies, the unalterable words of Allah, proclaims that armed struggle to establish Islam over the entire world is the absolute duty of every Muslim.

Which means that Islam will continue to throw it’s jihadists and logistical resources at the West. If necessary for the next 1000 years, just as it intermittently has for the last 1400 years. Islam is an aggressive, expansionist totalitarian ideology, wrapped within the trappings of a religion. It must act according to its nature, just as the scorpion does…and it is critical to this doctrine to make clear to all Muslims, in an unequivocal and unapologetic manner, that its own tenets declare this to be the case.

This strategy recognizes that Islam does not value, as in the West, their nation’s, tribes or even an individual’s survival, as Islam’s tenets declare that Muslims have no individual value, since Islam implicitly rejects self-determination. That there is only one thing that devout Muslim’s cherish more than the imposition of Islam upon the world…and that is the survival of Islam itself.

Therefore, the only strategy that has even a prayer of deterring terrorist attacks upon the West is to make Islam itself responsible.

That strategy would consist of a new doctrine, that would declare that any future terrorist attack upon ANY Western nation’s cities or peoples, by any nation or terrorist organization… will bring an immediate tactical response upon Islam’s holiest shrines; that conventional terrorist attacks will result in a proportional retaliation upon Islamic mosques and a nuclear or WMD attack upon any Western city will result in the immediate and utter destruction of Mecca, Medina, the City of Qom and the complete conventional demolition of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

Many westerners fail to appreciate the inestimable value Muslims place upon their holy places. Mecca, or more specifically the Kaaba in Mecca is the foremost in value and is so revered that it is the holy duty of every Muslim to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their life. It is so important, that it is proclaimed to be the fifth of the Seven Pillars of Islam. Every Muslim in the world is required to get down on their knees and pray toward Mecca five times, every day. And there are no ‘holidays’ from this duty.

Mainstream, fundamentalist Imams and Mullahs are the primary force driving Islamic radicalism. Once they are convinced that Islam’s most cherished sites, which act as a talisman for their power… are mortally threatened, they will be profoundly reluctant to put them at risk by sanctioning a nuclear attack upon the West. And, since conventional terrorist attacks will place their mosques and them at risk, it will no longer be just the jihadist terrorist who faces reprisal.

“Those who oppose the Mullahs oppose Islam itself; eliminate the Mullahs [and Imams] and Islam shall disappear in fifty years. It is only the Mullahs who can bring the people into the streets and make them die for Islam– begging to have their blood shed for Islam.” –Ayatollah Khomeini

Islam would now face a choice; a conventional terrorist attack will result in the consequential retaliation upon Islam’s mosques and a nuclear or WMD attack upon the West would result in all of Islam’s holiest shrines, ceasing to exist within moments of a nuclear terrorist attack.

That is the reality and inescapable consequence with which the West must confront Islam.

Realistically, it is a virtual certainty that elements within Islam will not believe the West capable of following through with such a policy, so inevitably the West will have to demonstrate its resolve.

When the West announces its new doctrine, the West should warn Muslims that if sufficiently provoked, such as by ongoing rocket barrages on Israel, an appropriate demonstration of resolve will be the bombing of the Dome of the Rock. And that its future survival is hostage to their good behavior.

Based on past experience, Islamist radicals will be ‘certain’ that the West is blustering, so when they attack the West with a terrorist attack, even if it only uses conventional explosives or methods, the immediate bombing of the Dome of the Rock would begin and the West would announce that the bombing won’t stop until the Dome of the Rock is completely destroyed.

When Muslims around the world fly into a predictable rage, the West should be ready with a response at the UN. The West should look the world and Islam right in the eye and say, “OK, now you know we’re serious. Would you like to go for Medina next or do you want to throw Mecca into the ‘pot’ too and go ‘all in’?

Announcing such a doctrine with its identification of Islam as the West’s enemy, will necessitate the West also announcing that in the event of any blockade, embargo or aggression against the West by Islamic elements, such as seizing and mining the Strait of Hormuz or attacking oil fields or pipelines will also result in the consequence of Islam’s holy shrines and/or mosques being attacked.

That is the reality with which the West must confront Islam’s Imams and Mullahs who direct jihadist terrorists.

The West must make absolutely clear to Islam and all Muslims that any attack upon the West, with weapons of mass destruction, nuclear or otherwise, that threatens the existence of the West’s cities … will result in the unthinkable happening to them.

That is the reality with which the West must confront Islam.