About me

Hello world,

To those of similar view and to any who welcome reasoned discussion, welcome.

As the conservative commentator Dennis Prager, whom I greatly admire, states, “I value clarity more than agreement.”

Passion and a strong point of view are appreciated but if you lack courtesy and simple manners you are not welcome till you acquire said virtues.

This is a discussion forum for grown-ups.

My primary aim is not to convince others of the ‘correctness’ of my view.

Rather, it is gaining a deeper understanding of the issue under discussion wherein my interest resides.

I am a 61 yr old, white male born in 1948

I’m an Independent – with no party affiliation – I am also a neoconservative, the determination of which I arrived at independently. I believe the way to achieve classical liberal goals is through Conservative principles.

Some of my Interests are: Current Affairs, Geo-Politics (the great game) History, Religion, Philosophy and Contemplative Pursuits

Geoffrey Britain

8 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Sir,

    Hope this note finds you well. Actually, I hope this note even finds you!

    Since I lack the same rhetorical virtuosity you posses, a Thank You is in order Mr. Britain, however late it may be.

    Today, I read your posts/responses on a message board relating to an article posted on the site Wizbang. The article is titled “Day Without Gay” and dated December 10, 2008. Your arguments supporting 1 man, 1 woman marriage were superb. Quite frankly, the best I’ve ever read.

    Your posts were well constructed, clear and concise…the absolute truth. You did not attack, there was no malice and your responses polite (with a touch of derisiveness). They echoed my sentiments exactly.

    I gained valuable, persuasive insights on how to better break down their arguments favoring gay “marriage”…This ultimately helps me enlighten others. California still has a chance…thanks to folks like you Mr. Britain.

    Anyways, Thank you for your efforts. Please keep going…keep speaking out. Truth and logic/reason are their nemesis.


    John H.

  2. Mr. Britain,

    Thank you, for your brilliant blog. I read your replies to Barry Rubin’s article, today, on why economic development cannot fix the Middle East. I agree on the effects of Islam and the unchangeable nature of that beast.

    I am sharing your blog articles on my Facebook Timeline, which is found under my name.

    Thank you,

    Vernon Okbaok

  3. Thank you Vernon for your kind words. We can’t deal effectively with the threats against our country if we do not face them squarely. Your Facebook Timeline is one of those avenues for disseminating viewpoints antithetical to the mainstream media’s pablum.

  4. Will Rogers said that you shouldn’t let education..get in the way of knowledge….

    Oh gosh…

    sooo, Iquote King…the statemen kind enough to remind us that we should have a goal of 100 percent success for our children..

    great and good day.
    joanne collin€, my best pen name

  5. It was hard for me to get here, GB. Excellent! Are you following? Can we dialouge here. Not sure I’m willing for a dogfight with some of the others at LU.


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