The Five Critical Virtues. It’s the virtues a culture embraces, stupid.









When it comes to race relations and minority socioeconomic success in America, progressives and liberals have the cart before the horse. 

Unfortunately, human nature finds it difficult to admit to error, to admit to having been wrong. Pride. There’s a reason why pride is one of the seven ‘deadly’ sins. Pride wounds he who possesses it, it’s a self-inflicted injury. The greater the pride, the greater the self-inflicted injury. The injury is the obstruction of the growth of the individual’s maturity and wisdom and, it keeps its bearer mired in self-delusion. When sincere, humility is a virtue because it allows for the growth of wisdom. Humility is the ‘soil’ from which the tree of wisdom grows. But it’s so much easier to blame others, rather than accept personal responsibility. Character is developed through trial and no trial is more severe than facing our own flaws. The trial of self-examination even exceeds the trial of discrimination because hating others for injustice undeserved is so much easier than holding oneself accountable for our own failures.   

Rather than stereotyping republicans and conservatives, blacks and other minorities would be far better off setting aside prejudice and spending their time listening objectively to what conservatives advocate, so that they might observe and learn of the critical cultural virtues that lead to socioeconomic success. The ‘horse’, the cultural virtues that pulls the ‘cart’ of socioeconomic success are five-fold.

The Five Critical Virtues are simple; 1) education, 2) developing a strong work ethic, 3) acceptance of personal responsibility and accountability, 4) acceptance of familial obligations and loyalty, and 5) the virtue of delayed gratification. Individual exceptions aside, that is all it takes to be successful in America. That is all it has ever taken.

Multiculturalism is also at fault here because it falsely posits that all cultures are of equal value. That is NOT true. All people of good will are inherently of equal value. Cultures are a mix of virtues and vices embraced, ignored, neglected and rejected. Japanese culture places a high value upon the virtue of personal hygiene. Chinese and Mexican culture does not. The Scandinavian and Japanese cultures place a high aesthetic value on simplicity, that less can be more. French and Chinese cultures place an emphasis upon the facade of ornamentation. American culture places high value upon youth and the facade of status and appearance. Obviously there are individuals in every culture who reject the sterotypical and dysfunctional vices of their culture but we are speaking of the gestalt of a culture, its societal biases both positive and negative.

Cultural identity is NOT dependent upon embracing all of the particular mix of virtues and vices that a culture may embody. Whatever its motivation, the characteristic of alcoholism in native american cultures is NOT a virtue but a dysfunctional vice. A native American can reject alcoholism without abandoning his cultural identity. A black person can embrace the five virtues without becoming an ‘uncle Tom’ because virtues are independent of culture, in that cultures embrace virtues or vices, rather than the reverse, virtues and vices do not embrace cultures.

The ‘theory’ of white privilege is a myth but the reality of ‘tribal’ affiliation is undeniable.  White privilege ‘theory’ is a myth because it posits that America’s dominant white culture is racist. That is a lie not because it was not once true but because generationally, it has not been true for many decades. White racism was almost dead but the rise of black racism is reviving it. The proof that white privilege ‘theory’ is a myth and a lie is proven by the socioeconomic success of three groups; Asian immigrants, West Indian black immigrants and black Nigerian immigrants. West Indian black’s ancestors were also slaves and their average incomes are equivalent to the average incomes of whites and nearly 25% higher than the average incomes of American born blacks. And, immigrant Nigerian-Americans are also extremely high performers too. these cultures embrace the Five critical Virtues. 

Tribal ‘affiliation’ is a characteristic of human nature. The Navajo name for their tribe translates into English as, “the people”. That is the norm for all tribes. If you are not part of the tribe, you are ‘the other’. Fans of major league team sports are tribal identifications. The Oakland Raiders football team, a stereotypical ‘tribe’ is known as the “Raider Nation” but a ‘nation’ is just an inclusive tribe. Some nations are less inclusive than others, America being by far the most inclusive. And therein lies the difficulty and challenge. No country in the history of the world has ever tried to base itself on racial and ethnic equality. Perhaps Rome came closest but if you were not a Roman citizen, you were subservient to those who were… and though Rome was an equal opportunity enslaver, slavery was never abolished in Rome. America is unique in trying to prove that ‘we all can get along’. But race unlike ethnicity is unchangeable and old prejudices die hard. The majority of this country has firmly rejected racism but thanks to the left, at the brink of victory we face the possibility of defeat.

But there are no substitutes. Minority success in America exactly tracks the minority culture’s embrace, neglect or rejection of these five virtues. Asian, Hispanic, Native American and Black ‘cultures’ closely match it.

Urban blacks reject ALL five of the critical virtues and that is the ONLY reason why they reside at the bottom of the socioeconomic ‘totem pole’. No amount of welfare, entitlements or minimum wage hikes will change that reality. Urban ‘culture’ needs to take a hard look at itself. When and if they ever do, their conservative brothers will welcome back, with open arms, their ‘prodigal brothers’…

It’s the culture, stupid.

4 thoughts on “The Five Critical Virtues. It’s the virtues a culture embraces, stupid.

  1. Interesting you note these do exist among West Indian and Nigerian-born Americans but the average White American still fail to accept what you confirm and racial profiling knows no distinction and case in point was the police-murder of Amadoou Diallou a young man, just 22 who was gunned down for nothing and while un-armed. The grand jury was mesmerized by the lack of virtue of his killers faceing prosecution on second-degree murder and other charges and acquitted all of them in Albany. Truthfulness is a virtue too.

    • Please be more specific. it’s not at all clear what you claim that I’ve confirmed? I’ve never heard of the “police-murder” of Amadoou Diallou. The statement by you that, “The grand jury was mesmerized by the lack of virtue of his killers” is extremely problematic. Grand Juries are NOT “mesmerized” by the “lack of virtue” of those facing prosecution. But they are resistant to bringing charges without sufficient evidence.

      But even if it is exactly as you imply, that has NOTHING to do with cultural rejection of the critical virtues.

      Here’s a particularly appropriate quote: “Here’s Williams’ roadmap out of poverty: Complete high school; get a job, any kind of a job; get married before having children; and be a law-abiding citizen. Among both black and white Americans so described, the poverty rate is in the single digits.” Walter Williams

      Blacks can finally get a clue or refuse to accept that they are the ‘captain of their own ship’ and remain in poverty.

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