Putin’s ‘New’ Russia

Putin's New Russia

Putin’s New Russia

The Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria,  Albania, the former Yugoslavian provinces and Greece are all that Putin needs.

It’s no secret that Vladimir Putin dreams of restoring Russia to the territorial dominance and global influence of the old Soviet Union. As he has publicly spoken of those dreams many times.

America’s retreat from the global stage under the Obama administration’s policies of appeasement and self-castration, along with its abandonment of Europe has provided a window of opportunity for Putin. Crimea is just the beginning. It is an old dictum that ‘nature does not tolerate a vacuum’.  That applies in the geo-political sphere as well. Russia has long dreamed of having ‘warm water’ ports. Its lack of them have prevented Russia from achieving parity in naval dominance, a necessity for projecting power and achieving global influence. Obama’s gutting of the US Military has now reduced America to a binary set of options, when confronted with territorial aggression far from its shores. Our options are now verbal bluster and nuclear conflict. Verbal bluster is now our de facto response because nuclear conflict, especially with another major power… is suicidal. Nor is it politically or culturally acceptable for America to threaten another country with a nuclear attack.

The EU is of course toothless, financially bankrupt and politically pacifist, so it too is reduced to verbal bluster. Financial sanctions are useless, as those against Iran unequivocally proved. China will not interfere as long as Russia respects China’s unfettered reign in its sphere of influence; the Far East. The ‘wolves’ are now convinced that the sheep have retired their sheepdogs, telling themselves that in the modern world, armed conflict is obsolete. The sheep shall discover otherwise, as they are the natural prey of the wolf. ”

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night, only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” George Orwell 

The Baltic states, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria,  Albania, the former Yugoslavian provinces and Greece are all that Putin needs and, they are ripe for the plucking. In general, these states have not done particularly well in sustainably raising their standards of living since the departure of the Soviet Union. Greece is susceptible to seduction by Putin, it is a heavily socialist nation and the monetary pressures from the EU could not be less popular. The US Federal Reserve’s Feb. 19th announcement that it will cut off the massive financial lifeline that has been subsidizing the European banking system since the beginning of the global financial crisis in March of 2008, in order to support US borrowing is going to create much greater pressure on the EU to tighten the screws on the ‘PIGS’ with Greece being the foremost indebted nation in the EU.

Nor of course is it just Putin’s aggression that confronts the West, China is challenging American dominance in the Far East and with Obama’s assistance, Iran will gain nuclear weapons capability. Which shall result in the proliferation of nuclear weapons into unstable, third world regimes and other future jihadist States.

If and most probably when the West falls, it will be because it welcomed the barbarians through its own suicidal stupidity and self-hate. A new, modern dark age for humanity awaits, all because the free people of the West allowed themselves to be willfully blind to the inescapable end point of all socialistic systems; totalitarian tyranny.

The left has used its memes, narrative and political correctness to hamstring, geld and emasculate the West and we shall pay an unimaginably high price for our foolish stupidity. Evolution is not dead and survival of the fittest applies to nations as well as individuals. Even now the West has the means to save itself, it is only the will that is lacking and the will is absent because of a refusal to face reality, by too many. In a democracy, what the majority refuses to face becomes the fate of all.

“There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see once they are shown and, those who will not see.” Leonardo da Vinci

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