The ‘electability’ of RINO‘s

Rino & dems

The Pyrrhic Victory that RINO’s Embody 

Many on the right advocate voting for RINOs based in the pragmatic view that delaying America’s “fundamental transformation” into the United Socialist States of America is self-evidently desirable.  Irregardless of the fact that the election of RINOs merely delays America’s “fundamental transformation. This is so inarguable that it is seldom disputed.

RINO’s compromise on principle, not merely on tactical interests. That is what makes them RINO’s, though a more accurate appellation would be CINO’s, conservatives-in-name-only. The simple truth is that the Republican Establishment long ago abandoned  conservative, small government, constitutional principles. RINO’s are entirely loyal to the GOP’s actual values, which are in fact those principles that their ‘big donors’ value, which is the maintenance of the American financial status quo and the highly regulated capitalism that they favor, which allows the ‘Establishment’ to maintain and grow its influence and power.

Reagan’s stand on the Soviet Union is a perfect example of the difference between compromise of principle vs interest. Reagan unhesitatingly stated that the Soviet Union was “the focus of evil in the modern world”. His principle regarding the ideological conflict between the West and Communism was simple and straightforward; “We win, they lose”.

Reagan’s willingness to meet with Gorbachev and negotiate on the creation of the “Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty” (Start 1) to reduce nuclear weapons demonstrated his willingness to compromise on how we dealt with the Soviets. Reagan’s continued strengthening of the US Military, along with the technological challenge to the Soviets of Reagan’s proposed “Strategic Defense Initiative” confirmed that he hadn’t compromised on principle. Upon reaching agreement with the Soviets, that he insisted on “trust but verify” proves that his view of communism remained unchanged. 

In order to secure conservative’s votes, RINO’s pay lip service to conservative principles. RINO’s not actually sharing those principles is why, when push comes to shove, they always cave to democrats. People do not fight for principles in which they have no belief… 

Thus, RINOs incrementally yield ever more to the progressive left. In the short term, that may appear to be a viable political tactic, to ‘get what is realistically possible’. In the long term however, faced with a disingenuous adversary, who justifies whatever means are necessary by the ideological ends sought, it is a demonstrably disastrous strategy.

It is in the consequential corollary to voting for RINOs,  the eventual consequence of incremental compromise of principle, wherein the problem with voting for RINO’s lies, for RINO’s are highly vulnerable to the charge of collaboration. To compromise is to; “settle a dispute by MUTUAL concession”. To collaborate is to; “to work JOINTLY on an issue”  where the goal(s) sought by both parties are essentially the same and, only how and when are in conflict. When ‘compromise’ consists essentially in ‘concessions’ by democrats that merely slow down progress toward the accomplishment of its agenda, while republican’s only gain a lessening of how rapidly the progress of the democrat’s agenda is being achieved, it is not compromise in which republican RINO’s are engaged but collaboration.

 In the domestic arena, The Sovereign Bankruptcy of the West is mathematically inescapable, as virtually every Western nation is insolvent and stealing from future generations to keep the system from collapsing in what amounts to an International Ponzi scheme. In the foreign policy arena, the liberal/left’s willful blindness to the predictable ‘clear and present danger’ that future, nuclear armed Islamic Jihadist States pose to the West is an unconscionable obscenity that will eventually result in successful nuclear terrorist attacks upon major American cities. Millions of innocents will die, just as pacifistic attempts at appeasing Hitler did in WWII. It is the predictable and entirely unnecessary deaths of millions of innocents that make democrat’s foreign policy an unconscionable obscenity.

Thus, it is a self-evident truth that the domestic and foreign policy policies of democrats are unsustainable. Given these most basic facts only a fundamental dishonesty can dispute this conclusion.  Whether out of willful denial or mendacious intent, that dishonesty has the same effect.

When disaster arrives, the left will, as they always do, blame the right. Given the collaboration of the RINO dominated GOP, the left’s accusations will have the ‘ring of authenticity’ because the GOP, through the compromise of principle, will have essentially collaborated with democrats in the creation of the crisis. The GOP’s long collaboration with democrats, the left’s decades long indoctrination of  the public in the schools with the simultaneous demonization of the right’s motivations, long ago resulted in the destruction of the right’s credibility with much of the American public.

The left, true to its ideological agenda, will insist upon doubling down on its disastrous policies. Absent a credible, principled alternative, an indoctrinated public will vote to exchange the inherent risk of liberty for the left’s false promise of security.

1984 will have arrived and the RINO ‘strategy’ of delay, will only have led to a series of Pyrrhic victory’s.

This is why the Tea Party must stand firm because it is the only major conservative movement that offers a political alternative grounded in principle, rather than self-interest. Expressing a willingness to lose rather than compromise on principle, invites short term loss but gains long term credibility and, when the left’s path leads to disaster, credibility will be “the coin of the realm” with the public and, that will be the moment when the left is most vulnerable to the low-info public finally seeing the left for what it is, a totalitarian movement wearing the facade of toleration and compassion, whose ‘policies’ lead only to ruin for all but a favored elite.

3 thoughts on “The ‘electability’ of RINO‘s

  1. OK, I forged my way through your commentary. I didn’t find it brilliant, but then I wouldn’t want friends who tell me I’m brilliant. Nor would I want friends who think I’m an idiot because that would make them idiots.

    And for some reason, your site here is causing havoc with my browser – something keeps flashing on the lower left: “Waiting for widgets.”

    Interestingly, your profile seems to indicate we have a lot in common including WordPress accounts. Though I haven’t used mine in years, what’s there covers a great deal of territory. And I discovered this while posting here today:

    That should tell you more than you want to know about me!

  2. Like the pundit Dennis Prager, whom I admire, I value clarity not agreement. For whatever its worth, thanks for considering my POV.

    Don’t know whats going on with your browser Ted, this is the first anyone’s mentioned it but wordpress occasionally acts funny for me as well.

    • I not only consider your POV, I share it. But only so far.You know, too many conservatives remind me of hippies, the very sort of people they hate- tune in, turn on, and drop out.

      It’s the story of my life that I’m the only person experiencing problems here, but since it doesn’t happen when I use Chrome, it’s obviously a settings problem in Firefox.

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