Life in the ‘Hamster’s Cage’.

Despite our Constitutional guarantees, we are becoming more socialist every year.

Not to minimize the machinations of the left in academia, the media and fundamentally dishonest democrat politicians… but socialism has primarily gained ground with the American public because our over-regulated capitalism is failing to ‘lift all boats’.

Corporate profits and the stock market keep hitting record highs because of the effects of qualitative easing. The Fed is ‘digitizing’ money out of thin air and aiding the Chinese in buying up our debt. Without that debt service, the entire house of cards collapses and, fiscal collapse occurs when sovereign bankruptcy is no longer deniable. Had Romney been elected, he would have had to continue the same Fed policies because  long ago, it was far too late for fiscal restraint alone, to correct our economic problems.

Obama and the left believe the answer is socialism, provably an intellectually bankrupt notion. But if no democrat had been elected to office since Kennedy, we would still be headed down an unsustainable path. That is because republican’s fiscal schemes are almost as detrimental to the nation’s overall financial health as the democrat’s, just much slower acting.

The Fed’s creation and actions since the 30′s, our fiat currency’s fundamental disconnection from reality, severe over-regulation and social entitlement programs that have cost three times as much as all our wars combined…have led to long term, incremental inflation that has destroyed 94% of the dollar’s value. The result has been the financial necessity of the two-earner family, near total stagnation in the middle classes’ wages since the early 70’s and the flight of manufacturing jobs from the US.

We’ve become a nation of fast-food service workers and a financially privileged elite.

Obama’s policies are disastrous for the middle class. Yet so are the republican’s because the highly regulated capitalism they favor, disproportionately benefits those with financial leverage and keeps the middle class in the ‘hamster’s cage’.

The low-information voter doesn’t understand why his dollar doesn’t buy as much, doesn’t understand the factors responsible for wage stagnation, doesn’t understand why manufacturing jobs are gone or why a two-earner household still struggles… but they do understand that things aren’t working.

And when things aren’t working, the panacea of socialism and entitlements with its scapegoat of the greedy rich becomes a viable alternative to the man exhausted from life in the ‘hamster’s cage’. And socialism does transform the individual’s condition, initially offering financial relief but gradually and incrementally lessening liberty until inescapable indentured servitude to the state is their fate. Much like the proverbial frog in water brought slowly to a boil.

That is because in any socialistic system, to retain its viability and ability to grant entitlements, necessary to achieve its most fundamental tenet, equality of outcome, a socialistic system MUST keep from “running out of other people’s money”.

To avoid that mathematically certain eventuality, it must incrementally seize more and more, until it has seized all income and material assets. As example, France and Cyprus are early indications that the EU is close to its tipping point. It will either dissolve or move toward ever greater bureaucratic tyranny.

Yet as a socialistic system incrementally seizes more and more of the productive assets of a society, an equal but opposite reaction occurs and protests arise. To minimize protest, political correctness is imposed, initially by academia, the media and social disapproval, gradually evolving into ‘legal’ repression by the state through such maneuvers as ‘hate speech’ prohibitions and mandatory government indoctrination of children in public schools at earlier and earlier ages.

As seizure of assets and protest are interrelated, increasing imposition of political correctness is necessary and thus ALL thought, speech and behavior MUST eventually be classified as either forbidden or mandatory.

Thus socialism MUST evolve into a regulated tyranny, political correctness taken to its end state. Eventuating in an evolution of socialism into a de facto, highly regulated, bureaucratic form of Communism.

Communism is binary in nature; only what is forbidden and what is mandatory may be allowed to exist. Every aspect of life must be defined in one or the other category. Thus 1984 arrives…

“We can’t expect Western societies to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders into repeatedly and gradually giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism.” – Nikita Khrushchev”


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