Life’s Essential Unfairness

The fundamental problem of the political Left seems to be that the real world does not fit their preconceptions” Thomas Sowell

Yes, the left’s view is in direct opposition to reality. It is fundamentally ‘unsane’.

IMO, the source of this disconnection with reality is the ubiquitous and childish protest, “that’s not fair!”, which at base is a protest against life’s essential unfairness.

Juveniles, as they approach young adulthood, either discard this protest as an unfortunate but unavoidable aspect of reality and life… OR they cling to it, in an idealistic refusal to accept the reality of the universe we inhabit, which necessarily results in arrested development. That is so because a refusal to accept a fundamental aspect of reality results in a partial disconnection from reality. 

After long thought and reflection upon the issue, I’ve reached the conclusion that, regardless of acceptance or rejection, neither the right nor the left understand the necessity for life’s essential unfairness. Life is essentially ‘unfair’ and, it is absolutely necessary that it be so. Amazingly, it turns out that the creator knows exactly what they are doing…

It’s not ‘fair’ that some of us are more talented and gifted than others. It’s not ‘fair’ that some have economic and social advantages handed to them through the accident of birth. But it is absolutely necessary that such be the case.

Consider; without life’s essential “unfairness” three key aspects of reality are impossible: Civilization, natural economic law and evolution itself.

How so? Without the ‘unfair’ advantage of individual genius, none of the following could have happened; the harnessing of fire, agriculture that freed men from the hunter – gatherer existence, written language allowing the generational transmission of knowledge, the concepts of Greek democracy and Roman law and representation, the enlightenment, the scientific method, modern medicine, the industrial revolution that freed men from much physical labor and, the information age that computers with its’ offspring the internet have initiated… none of these would have happened because committee’s do not invent. Thus civilization could never have arisen and we’d still be living in caves.

Without the ‘unfair’ and unequal advantages that natural economic law confers, there are no private pools of investment wealth to fund entrepreneurial growth. Unrestricted, natural economic law ensures a bell curve in distribution of assets. Some will gain more than others and over time, the great majority of assets will gravitate into the hands of a few. The only manner yet devised to leaven the rise of inequity without interfering in the natural operation of economic law is for a society to promote entrepreneurial growth, which creates new opportunities,  jobs and increases membership in the ‘haves’, which increases the amount of private wealth available for investment. It is a positive reinforcement that fuels material progress.

The Soviet Union, Mao’s Red China, North Korea and Cuba have all proven that central control of economic activity in which private pools of wealth are eliminated is a formula for economic stagnation. Natural economic law, most closely followed by minimally regulated capitalism, is based upon the mathematical relationship between supply and demand interacting with human nature. Despite the desires and wishful thinking of those on the left, neither can be changed, they can only be accommodated and wisely directed.

Finally and most importantly because it determines the behavior of life itself… is evolution. Without the ‘unfair’ benefit of individual adaptive mutation… life would have remained at the one celled amoebic stage. Evolution is the process of beneficial adaptive mutation by individuals, ‘unfairly’ blessed, passing on their ‘unfair’ advantage to their descendants. Talk about ‘unfair’.

It is a matter of supreme irony that the left, the absolute champion of the theory of evolution, fails to grasp the fundamental cognitive contradiction between their embrace and support of evolution while simultaneously refusing to accept life’s essential unfairness existing in a universe whose operative laws do not recognize ‘fairness’. The left is literally rejecting reality.

Then again, perhaps the left’s inability to appreciate the irony is a matter of willful blindness?

Geoffrey Britain


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