The Realities Israel Must Accept



In my prior post, The Theological Nature of Islam I described the rationale and conclusions I’ve reached regarding radical Islam. Those conclusions implied a solution to Israel’s existential crisis. I also believe they equally apply to the West’s confrontation with Islamic terrorism.

My conclusion is that Islamic radicalism, in all its forms and personages, from the Palestinians to the Iranians, whether Hamas or Hezbollah are a symptom not a cause and that the cause is Islam itself.

I do not however propose to make war upon 1.5 billion Muslims, I propose to convincingly threaten to make war upon Islam’s holiest shrines and by doing so, deter Islam’s fanatics and allow Islam to slowly self-destruct.

And while I’m speaking of a change in Israel’s strategy and doctrines, eventually I fear it almost inevitable that a nuclear terrorist attack upon a US city will force us to confront the same reality that now confronts Israel. We are after all, the ‘Great Satan’.

It is time for the politically correct fantasies to be put aside and for reality to be faced, for otherwise a ‘nuclear reality’ will sooner or later be imposed upon Israel and the US.

If Israel acts as the proverbial ‘canary in the coal mine’ for the West, then it can also act as the ‘way-shower’.

The primary obstacle to Israel fulfilling that function is its own left, which has fully bought into the narrative of political correctness.

Israel’s back is against the wall, which the recent anti-Israel resolution passed at the UN’s Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference demonstrated. Virtually every nation ALL 189, voted to deny Israel the right to self-defense.

That is the first of many realities Israel must face.

Obama isn’t going to lift a finger to stop Iran, he’s already decided that he can live with a nuclear Iran.

Which means Iran is going to get the bomb.

So, Israel is going to have to figure out how to live with it too.

That’s the next reality Israel must accept.

Israel has already proven that she can withstand conventional armies and conventional attacks.

It is a nuclear attack upon Israel, direct or terrorist, which poses a mortal danger to Israel.

It is virtually certain that Israel’s liberal left will stick their heads in the sand and, propose acceptance of conditions that would lead to Israel’s surrender and dissolution or genocidal extermination.

Between the Israeli left and Islam, the left is the far greater threat because they are blocking the implementation of effective defensive strategies. Not the left as physical threat but the left’s premises and the beliefs that extend from those premises.

That is the third reality Israel must accept.

In dealing with a nuclear Iran and a nuclear terrorist attack, which would destroy Israel, there is only one effective deterrent strategy because there is only one thing that Muslims cherish above their hate for Israel.

This is the fourth reality Israel must accept.

That strategy recognizes that Israel is under assault from Islam, that ‘rogue’ nations and terrorist organizations are merely Islam’s agents in its war with Israel. This is because the Qur’an, Islam’s holiest of holies, proclaims that armed struggle to establish Islam over the entire world is the absolute duty of every Muslim. Which means that Islam will continue to throw logistical resources at Israel, if necessary for the next 1000 yrs.

That is the fifth reality Israel must accept.

This strategy recognizes that Muslims do not value their nation’s, tribes or even an individual’s survival, as Muslims have no individual value. That there is only one thing that Muslim’s cherish more than Israel’s death…the survival of Islam itself.

Therefore, the only strategy that has even a prayer of deterring a nuclear attack upon Israel, is to make Islam itself responsible.

That strategy would consist of a new doctrine, that would declare that any nuclear or WMD attack upon Israel, by any nation or terrorist organization… will bring a nuclear response upon Islam’s holiest shrines; with the utter destruction of Mecca, Medina, the City of Qom and the complete demolition of the Dome of the Rock.

Many westerners fail to appreciate the inestimable value Muslims place upon their holy places. Mecca, the foremost in value is so revered that it is the holy duty of every Muslim to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their life. It is so important that it is the fifth of the seven pillars of Islam. Every Muslim in the world is required to get down on their knees and pray toward Mecca five times, every day.

Radical Imams and Mullahs are the primary force driving Islamic radicalism. Once they are convinced that Islam’s most cherished sites, which act as a talisman for their power… are mortally threatened, they will be profoundly reluctant to put them at risk by sanctioning a nuclear attack upon Israel.

Islam would now face a choice; a nuclear or WMD attack upon Israel will result in all of Islam’s holiest shrines, ceasing to exist within moments of a nuclear attack upon Israel.

That is the reality with which Israel must confront Islam.

It is a virtual certainty that elements within Islam will not believe Israel capable of following through with such a policy, so inevitably Israel will have to demonstrate its resolve.

When Israel announces its new doctrine, Israel should warn Muslims that if sufficiently provoked, such as by ongoing rocket barrages, an appropriate demonstration of resolve will be the bombing of the Dome of the Rock. And that its survival is hostage to their good behavior.

Islamist radicals will be certain that it’s Israeli bluster, when they attack Israel with rocket barrages, the immediate bombing of the Dome of the Rock would begin and Israel would announce that the bombing won’t stop until the rocket barrage ceases.

When Muslims around the world fly into a predictable rage, Israel should be ready with a response at the UN. Israel should look the world and Islam right in the eye and say, “OK, now you know we’re serious. Would you like to go for Medina next or do you want to throw Mecca into the ‘pot’ too and go ‘all in’?

Announcing such a doctrine with its identification of Islam as Israel’s enemy, will necessitate Israel acknowledging its possession of nuclear weapons and Israel accepting the consequences of telling the US to-go-pound-sand. The ending of US aid to Israel.

That is the sixth reality Israel must face.

Of all the realities, this is the easiest because dependence upon American aid and protection has led to Israel being forced to yield up its self-determination to the US and prevented Israel from dealing effectively with Islam.

To neutralize the predictable response of the left through the EU, the UN and the hostile Obama administration, that doctrine must also state that in the event of any blockade, embargo or aggression against Israel by the West, the Saudi and Iranian oil fields will be targeted for nuclear attack and that the Strait of Hormuz  will be mined and shipping sunk to block passage.

That is the reality with which Israel must confront the West’s leftists.

Israel must make clear to both Islam and the West that any attack upon Israel, with weapons of mass destruction, nuclear or otherwise, that threatens the existence of Israel… will result in the unthinkable happening to them.

That is the reality with which Israel must confront the world.

Geoffrey Britain


11 thoughts on “The Realities Israel Must Accept

  1. “Israel must level the Dome of the Rock” This is your quote! The title for your weblog is Geoffrey Britain’s Weblog Freedom, Responsibility, Reason, Common Sense. I would have to say starting world war 3 is neither responsible nor is it common sense, however you and your ilk are already at war with the truth. You must put in a serious amount of time spouting out such vicious fantasy, mind you I wonder why you bother at all because the God of the desert is going to save your friends (the chosen people living in the promised land ) anyway cos it says so in the bible. Delusional or what? Never mind back on planet earth and living in secular Europe I promise never to land on your page again you weirdo!

  2. Jeffrey, do you really believe that an Israel willing to nuke Mecca would permit the Dome of the Rock to stand in the first place? The satanic mosque desecrates the Temple Mount and blocks the rebuilding of the Temple. I suppose that if the kind of folks who run Samson Blinded come to power, they might actually let the mosque stand for a little bit. But then the kinds of people who run JTF and Virtual Medinat Yehudah will come to power anyway, and the mosque is toast.

    • Yes, I do moshe and your question leads me to suggest that you carefully reread my post.

      I made clear that the doctrine I propose would be reactive and that any Israeli nuclear response would be predicated upon an attack upon Israel with Weapons of Mass Destruction… I also stated that I thought it certain that radical elements would not believe Israel’s new doctrine serious and would challenge it, requiring Israel to demonstrate its resolve. A conventional air attack upon the Dome of the Rock would then be in order. Followed immediately by public messages by Israel that ISLAM was being addressed and that any further attacks upon Israel would be met with appropriate attacks upon Islamic holy sites.

      The purpose of this doctrine is deterrence. Deterrence of the Imams and Mullahs who are motivating and fueling the attacks against Israel. Make them accountable, not just the governments or religious foot soldiers (terrorists) that do their bidding. Attack what they value, which clearly isn’t life and which any in-depth study of Muslims reveals to be Islam itself. Despite Muslims hypocritical claim that idols are anathema, Muslims place great value upon their religious sites and relics. I believe that if they are certain that they will lose those sites and relics if they continue to attack Israel, devote Muslims will find it almost impossible to sacrifice them.

  3. I see two problems with your idea. The first is that if Israel bombs the Dome of the Rock Mosque the Americans and the Europeans might attack Israel the way they attacked Serbia in order to protect the Bosnian and Kosovo Muslims. Second is that after the destruction of the Dome mosque the dhimmi Americans and Europeans(probably the Russians and Chinese as well) would sell the latest anti-missile weapons and ring Mecca, Medina and Qoms with it. The Muslims have the money.

    • Gerald,

      Thank you for the comment.
      There would be as you rightly point out, repercussions for bombing the Dome of the Rock and those consequences would be politically and economically significant. I’m not proposing a ‘magic bullet’, merely what I believe to be an effective deterrent.

      In my opinion, Europe doesn’t possess the ‘cajones’ for armed confrontation with anyone and militarily, Israel is no Bosnia. The US commitment to Israel as an ally and the strong Jewish prominence in the US would prevent any military response by the US toward Israel. US aid to Israel would probably be temporarily cut off.

      An anti-missile defense might well be set-up around Mecca and other holy sites. Its effectiveness would be very limited against cruise missile (nuclear) attacks launched from submarines however, which Israel has, so that response would be inadequate to the threat. I believe that any damage to Mecca, etc. would be anathema to Muslim sensibilities, so the deterrent would remain effective.

      • I have always thought that we (the U.S.) should have attacked Islam’s holy places as retribution for the September 11 attacks on us. This would have been the most appropriate thing to do. Instead, our enemy feels triumphant and they think their Allah favors them. It is surprising to me that this is the very first time I have heard such a strategy proposed for Israel.

      • You are fools. You are getting los in the details. The historical record shows jews are very stupid at geopolitics as a people. This is why they lost ancient israel and will lose the current one.

        Low i know? Because it is irrational to place the fate of israel in american hands. The us jewish community ensures the support of the us government until, as history shows since the pharaoh, the non jewish americans turn on the jews. When will that happen i have no idea but the process is accelerating. The more support for israel us jews manage to get from us government, the more israelis feel safe and become less flexible. The increased influence of us jews will slowly persuade most americans us jews put israel ahead of america. At one point a violent minoriy will act against the jews and most non jews will look the other way, like it happened in all countries where jews have been persecuted and murdered. Another holocaust with a new name.

  4. Youre all horrible monsters. 9/11 was an inside job and you know it, the american people uncovered it, tower 7 was a controlled demolition. Look up brother nathaniel hes a Jew that became Christian & hes exposing your zionist plans.

    You speak of killing millions of people like they are ants, and you have the power to do so but their souls will go to heaven and yours will burn in hell. Zionist!

  5. Realities…… Well geff we both know you already knew….which explains all this propaganda youre pedaling. Thank God that the people of America are free thinkers no matter what you do.

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