Obama’s Plan

Known fact and informed supposition, lead to a very dark place

Obama’s ‘creative’ plan for ‘fundamentally transforming’ our nation is starting to emerge from the ‘fog’ of calculated misdirection.

He’s actively manipulating the US government’s finances into an economic crisis, employing the ‘useful liberal idiots’ in Congress to do so. By passing the Stimulus and Health Reform Bills and other planned legislation, he is creating mathematically unsustainable levels of debt. Driving the deficit to levels that will inevitably bankrupt our economic system. See: Spiraling into Bankruptcy

These are factual assertions, NOT suppositions.

What is supposition, though based upon what those so educated deduce… is that once the financial crises gets grim enough, see: Rep. Paul Ryan: Obama’s New Budget Will ‘Literally Crash the U.S. Economy’ Obama will seek to pass into federal law a VAT tax (value added tax) which is the tax Europe uses to sustain their social welfare states.

The VAT is hugely intrusive into business and significantly raises the costs of goods and services. To confirm this assertion as fact, just ask anyone who has visited Europe, as to how expensive they found it to be. Europe’s citizens have managed to maintain their social welfare state in which almost everything is ‘free’, through very high taxation and running up huge deficits. While simultaneously relying upon the US to provide ‘free defense’ so that they don’t have to pay for it and include defense costs within any budgetary constraints.

After the US passes a VAT tax and Americans inevitably discover that they cannot easily afford the much higher cost of goods and services that the VAT necessitates, Obama will have created the conditions that will allow him to credibly declare that we need greater financial ‘commitments’ to social welfare programs, so as to help the poor and middle class. Just as they have done in Europe. Essentially setting up a cycle that incrementally deepens the social welfare state, while using the false rationale of social justice to support his ‘solution’.

He’ll then seek to accelerate the ongoing reduction in military capacity of the US. Selling it as prudent but adequate and even as unavoidably necessary though of course, temporary. Using a variety of rationale’s to justify it, including the by now familiar refrain that we are to blame, in creating animosity towards us, by maintaining high levels of armed capacity.

This most pernicious of rationales arose out of European dependence upon the US for its defense, which inevitably led to resentment and then, in order to deflect the internal stress of that resentment, psychological denial arose questioning whether defense was even needed and the ‘mentality’ of those who advocated for a strong defense.

Just as the exhaustion of Europe after WWI led to the rise of pacifism with a grim determination to ‘never again’ experience a “war to end all wars” that then resulted in a Neville Chamberlain ironically expressing the exact same rationale towards Hitler and the Nazi’s that Obama is now expressing with regard to Ahmadinejad and Iran.

We should seek by all means in our power to avoid war, by analyzing possible causes, by trying to remove them, by discussion in a spirit of collaboration and good will. I cannot believe that such a program would be rejected by the people of this country, even if it does mean the establishment of personal contact with dictators, and of talks man to man on the basis that each, while maintaining his own ideas of the internal government of his country, is willing to allow that other systems may better suit other peoples.” –Neville Chamberlain, explaining Munich

In Europe, diplomacy was thus claimed to be always sufficient to the required task, when the sincerity of one side was truly genuine. The rationale being that when earnestly and consistently applied, the other party must, in time, reflect the reality of a heartfelt and genuinely sincere desire for peace with the goal of a mutually satisfactory resolution of any conflicting issues.

Post-modern relativism, (having swept across Europe and America’s leftist Academia and intelligentsia), asserts that reality is what we perceive it to be. That premise necessarily led to another assumption, that others must, in time, reflect our reality if we were only persistent enough. When results do not reflect desired outcome, that belief abjures reflection and demands ‘doubling down’. Essentially requiring that we keep trying, doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

But as dependence always confers impotence, this is of course, merely the latest iteration of the appeasement-minded. Who, when defenseless and faced with an adversary both malevolent and coveting sheer naked power, find that they have no other recourse than appeasement.

But the VAT and high taxation have proven to be an undeniably inadequate source of revenue for the socialist state, despite the US providing defensive support for Europe. Living far beyond their means, just look at Greece, Spain, and Portugal’s economic fragility and impending collapse. In fact, every Western nation in Europe, including Germany, France and England are now insolvent having run up huge and unsustainable financial obligations for their entitlement programs. See: Virtually Every Western Government is Insolvent

The US is insolvent too and only the previous robustness of our economy and our privileged position as the world’s ‘default’ currency have heretofore protected us from severe belt-tightening. But increased entitlement programs and a skyrocketing deficit with unsustainable debt levels are creating an ‘albatross’ from which we can’t escape.

A U.S. VAT tax will merely allow the ‘party’ to continue a bit longer. Unfortunately, that delay creates greater consequence, so when the crash does come, the pain will be even greater and the losses even deeper with recovery far more difficult and correspondingly less robust.

Socialism only works, so long as the producers of its benefits, outnumber the ‘consumers’ of those benefits. That ceased to be true in Europe long ago and they are almost at the end of their rope.

In a socialistic system, necessarily divorced from economic reality, once entitlements exceed a certain percentage of revenues, the system goes into decline and eventually reaches a ‘tipping point’, at which it can no longer sustain itself. Collapse and bankruptcy inevitably and unavoidably follow. Eventually, the natural laws governing economics always prevail.

Regardless of intent, economic ‘systems’ such as socialism always fail because at their heart, they depend upon active denial of the natural economic laws that govern reality. As well defy gravity, by jumping off a cliff.

So, Obama’s efforts at raising revenue will prove entirely inadequate in addressing the unsustainable levels of debt, which he and the Democrat majority are imposing upon the American public.

Most significantly, Obama has to know this, as he has knowledgeable economic advisers. That is a factual assertion, so the only rational explanation for Obama’s behavior is that it is quite intentional.

Otherwise and regardless of how inconvenient, one would have to logically conclude that he is behaving irrationally, which of course would be grounds for immediate removal from office. However, neither his demeanor nor his actions are those of an irrational man. In my estimation, he’s been far too calculating for that explanation to fit the constellation of circumstances, which now face us.

When economic collapse inescapably occurs, it will lead to chaos. No one will be able to credibly deny the need for order. The resultant consequence will be calls for the President to declare, that a “state of emergency” now exists and, that Martial Law will have to be implemented. It being unavoidably necessary for public order, especially with the value of money having collapsed and even necessary to ensure the basic survival of many members of the public.

All of this leaves but one conclusion, with but one of two possible desired outcomes for Obama; since he is intentionally engineering a now mathematically unavoidable economic collapse and, will then have to declare Martial Law… after it is imposed, he either plans to unconstitutionally and thus illegally seize power or more plausibly, use the declared state of emergency and Martial Law to attempt to impose a new Marxist/Socialist model of government upon the US.

Blatantly seizing power is highly unlikely for it would be doomed to failure.  No one who knows the military, as presently constructed, could accept that they would ever collectively agree to enable and support any President illegally seizing and holding on to power. So unless Obama is concealing delusional aspirations of a Chavez-like, permanent ‘Presidential appointment’ in a new Marxist Amerika, that is a path he will not follow.

Much more likely is the scenario of Obama using Martial Law to implement ‘reforms’ greatly exceeding the ones that FDR made; turning the US, incrementally but as quickly as circumstance permits, into a Marxist/Socialist State with truly transformational changes imposed upon us; like the nationalization of all major and publicly held businesses, followed by seizure of the property and assets of the ‘uber’ rich*, with mobilization of the National Guard during the declared emergency, suspension of habeas corpus and ‘if’ necessary, the ‘temporary’ imprisonment of political ‘agitators’, etc., etc.

Basically, he’ll do whatever it takes to secure enough power, long enough, to achieve his ends.

That’s his plan folks, it just about has to be because no other explanation fits his behavior, history and beliefs.

“And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?” W.B. Yeats

Yet take heart, for if knowledge be power, then “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”. (Irish proverb)

Geoffrey Britain

* Obama seems to personally like $250k as the dividing line, between the ‘rich’ and those merely ‘well off’…


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