The Emergence of an American Margaret Thatcher.

Most men intuitively understand what is required for command. Though most do not have the personal qualities necessary for command, they recognize it when embodied in another. Many women have long chafed at the seeming unwillingness of men to cede command to a woman. They have railed at the ‘glass ceiling’ in vain, puzzled at its stiff resistance and laid the blame upon men for its continued existence. As is so often the case, the reality of circumstance is both simpler and more complex than a quick, facile examination might indicate.

In regard to the glass ceiling, what American men have been waiting for is the emergence of an American ‘Margaret Thatcher’.

I use Ms Thatcher not because of her politics which are entirely irrelevant but rather as an example of a strong woman, one who likes men and who can be depended upon when the really tough decisions need to be made. One who won’t wimp out, should principle and necessary circumstance demand sacrifice.

The President is the Commander in Chief and the greatest test of a President is during times of war, as it is then that the gravest decisions must be made. Throughout history leaders have had to send good people to their death. They have even had to allow good people to die when doing otherwise would lead to even greater tragedy. Truman had it right when he proclaimed, “The buck stops here”.

Good leaders intuitively recognize the right thing to do, even when that path may lead to the tragedy of innocent lives lost.

The Civil War’s Northern General Sherman recognized this when he said that “war is hell”. He also understood that ending the war victoriously was of more importance than even the destruction of the South, a South whose children certainly did not deserve the destruction that befell them. He understood this even in a war that would ultimately leave almost 600,000 dead. He understood that preserving the ‘union’ was a nonnegotiable principle and that the South’s commitment to its way of life would not allow them to capitulate without the certain prospect of absolute destruction.

That same understanding was shared by Truman when faced with the decision to drop the atomic bomb upon Japan. Truman well knew the terrible destruction it would bring and the many innocents that would die. He also understood the lessons of Tarawa, Saipan and Okinawa. Where nearly every Japanese soldier had fought with fierce determination, many to the death and where even the old and women with their children had committed suicide rather than surrender. Those events had decisively demonstrated that Japan was a culture that would resist surrender and invasion whatever the cost.

Had Truman withheld use of the bomb and invaded instead, many, many millions more would have died. At the time that the decision had to be made, our best estimate was that 5 million American men and 15-25 million Japanese would have died in the invasion and conquering of Japan. Had we suffered those loses, America would have been greatly damaged and in all probability would not have had the strength to rebuild Europe. That great a loss would have inexorably led to the triumph of isolationism within America and thus the inability to resist the soon-to-follow advance of Soviet aggression.

Japan was the aggressor and given their cultures’ militaristic values, anything less than unconditional surrender would have led to the eventual rebuilding of the Japanese war machine. Truman understood human nature and the irresistible lure that empire and nationalism had for Japan’s leaders and its compliant populace.

All of this led Truman to unhesitatingly make the decision to drop the bomb and most importantly, he did not second guess the decision, evidenced by his declaration that “he never lost a minutes sleep over the decision”. It is not that Truman lacked empathy, he was a loving father and husband. Rather it was that his empathy was balanced with another quality.

Empathy is a wonderful quality and we are not really human without it. But it is not the only quality of worth. Empathy, especially in a leader must be balanced with mental allegiance to objective principle.

Governor Palin is that rarity; a likable female leader who evokes both male and female approval, one who exudes confidence and the ‘right’ kind of toughness. This ‘toughness’ is mental, not physical, though mental toughness leads to the ability to endure physical challenges, as John McCain’s life so eloquently demonstrates. The ‘right’ kind of mental toughness is of a special quality.

Mental toughness or fortitude has no ‘shrillness’, shrillness is an unerring indicator of weakness. This is why children do not listen to a parent whose voice exhibits that quality. And weakness revealed cannot lead because it lacks the strength of fortitude required of leadership. It is the quality of mental allegiance to ‘objective principle’ that leads to mental toughness.

Hillary Clinton has the required toughness but it is not the ‘right’ kind of toughness. She literally exudes the shrill ‘odor’ of complaint and anger and men intuitively sense it. Yes, men have intuition too, especially in sensing whom they shall follow. That is why ‘manly’ men want nothing to do with her and why only the hyper-sensitive, feminized and emasculated metro-sexual man can tolerate her presence. She has the ability to make the required decisions but she ‘leads’ out of demand and that leads to men distrusting her leadership.

Ironically, it is Hillary’s and most feminists psychic embrace of victimhood from which their anger arises. Their shrillness merely confirms their embrace of what disqualifies them from the very thing they seek, which is respect. Respect is not demanded, it is earned and when earned it is the ‘gift’ the recipient receives because no other response to their demeanor is possible. That is what is meant by ‘commanding’ respect. Others cannot help but respect those who, out of allegiance to principle, respect themselves. Narcissistic ego cannot substitute for the ‘currency’ required for true leadership.

Governor Palin embodies the quality of empathetic mental toughness and therefore commands respect. For those young women open to emulation, she truly points to, not just the ‘right’ way to break through the ‘glass ceiling’ but the only way to do it.

Breaking through the glass ceiling is not something that can be seized, which is why so many feminists have failed; transcending the glass ceiling is achieved when the many, willingly support the offer of leadership to those whose ‘worth’ compels recognition.

Just as Sarah Palin is demonstrating at this extraordinary moment in history.

Geoffrey Britain


13 thoughts on “The Emergence of an American Margaret Thatcher.

    • an economy of peace, versus, an economy of war

      a don’t walk…when leaders do not respond with efforts of negotiation that are reasonable

      free health with the return of the ethics of medicine, which have been put aside in the interest of political control

      simply good health may be dependent upon the information and offering of safe medicines

      insistance on the return and the insurance of choice and knowledge in such….

      publication, free. to the world of all safe medicines, remedies, cures, including current and ongoing research made available for all individuals

      America is currently suffering from the lack of choice, and the labeling of individuals in their control, and the cost of such control is exorbitant..

      Only about five percent of the population is every abusive, although the use of the adjective abuse is overused

      We need friends in medicine, with assured autonomy for each and all.

      We should never face the horrific problems that accompany the return of the historically failed programs of peace time nazi germany.

      the rates of abuse by agencies are overwhelmingly high, health and social services

      America needs to apply and hone community participation, not in controlling, but in offering our individual help, not control, and not threats of failure, growth of a horrendous penal type system, growth of a police state,

      We need to return to the issuance and assurance of the Civil Rights necessary to prosper the growth of civilized communities, not controlled by a health agency, nor judged by it’s members.

      None should be suffering.

      Christ came to provide life more abundantly.

      Tear down fema, and you may put the entire nation back on the path to civil rights.

      • also, research indicates, that Nuremburg acted in peace time Germany, in response to fatalities in small towns caused by pharmaceuticals.

        however, the fatalities that now face America exceed the numbers indicated in peace time Germany.

        The result was that Nuremburg moved for the clinics dealing fatalities and no choice to so many to be executed.

        Geneva states that failure to assure individual choice in medicines represents basic elements of torture.

        We need to clean up all agencies, and many of the practices are not appropriate.

        Once we establish that participate in a global exchange of safe medicine for, we may be able to negotiate peace for the world.

        We must demand that we have the respect accorded to those deeming to prosper in the growth of civil rights, and it must begin in a complete restructure.

        The goal is always peace.

  1. In summary, we are now experiencing historically a copy of the health program dealt with in peace time nazi Germany.

    Wherein, the population confirmed to the new psych dept and confirmed thus unusual practices affecting the disposition of families and individuals, we we observe within our communities.

    For example, the fostering of children, according to private studies, experiences about a seventy percent rate of children that are abused suffering with the syndrome of shock.

    Further, such children at age eighteen experience a fifty percent homeless rate.

    And, of course the rate of failure for children within our school system is about the same.

    Research indicates that we face health practices ruled by qualifications, which detracts our desion and choice making abilities, and also no where nearly recognizes the established ethics of performing informed consent of the entire global data base of medicines, remedies, including preventive medicines.

    More simple put the ethics of good medicine is the goal of eleviation of suffering.

    Rather, this program of control, pre judges, and strips the most established medical ethics.

    The handling of information, medical, personal, and research, barely exists to the point that health may be impacted and improved.

  2. We are thirty years into this so called single payee program of control, as in peace time nazi germany, when the great push to occupy occurred.

    Poland, experience the military assault, was purged, with doctors and lawyers following Adolf’s qualifications, and emerging from the churches.

    We find the absence of valuable research particularly in mental health, as well as the symptoms of aging, which would in normal life, be used as preventive medicine. This has existed for nearly thirty years, or the life of this ill planned health agency

    The health so called program, or program of control, so called single payee, is full of ommissions, with none necessary.

    The costs are extraordary, More choice and knowledge assured to individuals would drastically lower costs.

    This huge and un godly working of power is actually a travesty for any attempt of growth in medicine.

    We must return a sane dialog, whole databases of global medicine.

    There are more gaps, omissions, and instances of individual fatalities than necessary.

    People that are not happy with this program should just say no.

  3. Finally on the need to build an economy of peace and prosperity, it is necessary to form a health program that protects the ethics of civil rights.

    The qualification run program should be replaced by the enforcement of assured access for all individuals of the world to all remedies, preventive and curative measures, existing, and in the process of research.

    If we define education, we find the education is defined classically as research.

    Thus, medicine, must be accompanied by such information for the individual to remain ethical.

    The structure, if a patient seeks such doctors, is also severely hampered by the type of information gathering. Usually, they are unmonitored for accuracy, completeness of knowledge and research, by the patient.

    This is not a perfect state, so for such information to be valuable, they must be monitored by the patient for accuracy of history.

    These are old stats, and I quote, One of every four or five diagnosises are questionable.

    To limit the consultation for any given patient is not acceptable.

    Nutritional supplements and elements, exist for many medical conditions, but remain unincorporated, they significantly ease suffering or stop suffering, and further stop, remedy and cure many diseases, including most stages of aging, but remain untapped in this system of control

    I overheard this conversation with two housewifes in a grocery store. One stated that her infant had died because the doctor refused antibiotics, thus, the infant perished in about a week. The second house wife replied, Well, the baby is in a better place now.

    I could not help but think that a better place is where the infant would be offered safe medicine.

  4. America is in a crisis. The crisis is the need to implement Civil Rights, of choice and knowledge, for all individuals, globally.

    The obtaining of safe medicines, with choice and knowledge, which advances daily, is a priniciple that must be assured all.

    This health program in history was found guilty of purging.

    Yet the number of fatalities attributed to side effects of the pharmaceuticals well exceed the nine thousand mark recorded in the civilians of peace time Nazi Germany.

    Simply put, good medicine is the assured access to safe medicine, all safe medicines, with information provided of all side effects, that must be informed consent.

    This is conveniently done away with.

  5. During the Nixon administration I attempted to develop and publish online a global data base of medicines and research.

    However, Nixon’s pharmaceutical advisor stated that the impact on profits would be too large.

    We need to place the ongoing knowledge of safe global medicines on a non profit basis, that may not be stopped, and that may be viewed by all individuals, without exception, and in all countries of the world.

    if you have a medicine with fatal side effects, and up to twenty that are safe, which would you choose.

    I think that is an apt description of the health program.

    No labeling of patients should halt the rapid issuance of medicines, and no process should limit the medicines offered.

  6. Thank you joanne for the truly inane comments.

    As example; “the enforcement of assured access for all individuals of the world to all remedies, preventive and curative measures, existing, and in the process of research.”

    Where pray tell, will the money come from to PAY for the enforcing that ALL individuals of the world, ALL 6 BILLION!!! have access to ALL remedies, preventive and curative measures, existing, and EVEN in the process of RESEARCH.

    But why let reality interfere with your little fantasies?

  7. joanne,

    I’ve removed the additional inane comments you made. Your comments are so disjointed as to constitute babbling. Get some help, clearly you need it.

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